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Our Water Damaged Home

After a water pipe burst in our home while we were on vacation last year my health took a turn for the worse.  I really started to struggle with breathing while at home and the number of times that I was sick that year increased exponentially.  I spoke with my family doctor hoping that he could figure out the reason why I had all of these issues, he asked my a bunch of questions.  Through his prying, he learned of the water leak that we had and suggested that we get our home checked out professionally to see if there were any issues.

After having a company come out that specialized in Water Damage Restoration Arcadia, we learned that we didn’t do as good of a job as we thought when it came to cleaning up the water in our house.  In fact, there were issues with mold and there was a lot of water damage hiding within the walls.

We decided to get the specialists to fix our home properly this time to ensure that our new health problems didn’t become permanent ones.  They will be working on the house here for the next week or so to finish things up and I am looking forward to feeling more at ease while being home.

If this ever happens again we will have the professionals out right away – we sure paid a price this time trying to save money by doing it ourselves.

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