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 Here at ASMP, we’ve been thinking a lot about how the role of the professional photographer is changing.  Last month, our inaugural evolution/revolution webinar addressed the topic. On Monday, voting will conclude in a constitutional referendum that seeks to change our membership categories to reflect these changes.  It seems only fitting that our posts this week examine this important and timely topic.

 D.C. Post | Production Conference December 3 – 5 Featuring Presenters and Sessions from NAB Show in Las Vegas, the DC Post Production Conference at GV Expo runs December 3 – 5.  With dozens of expert training sessions for video, TV, film & new media professionals, it’s perfect for motion professionals seeking to maximize their creativity and efficiency on their software and tools. ASMP is proud to sponsor Gail Mooney’s informative and insightful program at DCPPC: New Opportunities for Documentaries: Beyond Four Walls Wednesday, December 4, 4:00 – 5:15 pm The culture of information delivery and consumption has changed.

 It has become a vital tool offered in my treatment plan, and most clients appreciate the ability to think outside of the box. I’ve discovered that when I provide an image built from scratch to meet their concept accurately, without limitation of what is physically possible, that incorporating a license for a custom work of art is justifiable to many clients. My goal is to answer every client request with “we can do that- and we will!” Chris Winton-Stahle is an award-winning photographer and accomplished photo-illustration artist who sees the camera as only half of his process in creating great imagery. Chris often pulls components from multiple images and CGI when creating his work for clients in advertsing, magazines and entertainment.  © Chris Winton-Stahle.

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 When I finish my stories, I guess I’m an editor too, though I’ll stop right there, remember, I hate labels. I have been transformed from a freelance/news photographer (and in hindsight one with a very limited future) into someone now partnered with a director and running a growing production company  shooting documentary work, both still and video, for corporations and non-profits.

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