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Trans-pacific Free-trade Deal Progress

She Previously Served As Vice President, Business Development For Alphastaff In Fort Lauderdale, Fla., And Lives In New Jersey.

 The U.S.-led agreement is a major part of President Barack Obama's foreign policy shift toward Asia but has been snagged by disagreements between countries on market access, especially for agricultural products, environmental protections and intellectual property. Washington had said it hoped the trade agreement would be completed by the end of the year.

Baby bouncy seat with iPad draws criticism

 HUMAN RESOURCES Cindy Edwards has joined Alcott HR in Farmingdale as vice president of business development. She previously served as vice president, business development for AlphaStaff in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and lives in New Jersey. REAL ESTATE Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Atlantic Shores in Huntington has announced new hires.

LI people on the move, Dec. 11, 2013

 Baby bouncy seat with iPad draws criticism Originally published: December 10, 2013 6:41 PM Updated: December 10, 2013 11:35 PM By Associated Press Photo credit: Amazon | Fisher-Price iPad Apptivity Seat for newborns-to-toddler allows parents to attach an iPad to a bouncy seat. Ahh, the first year of a baby's life -- learning to sit up, crawl, even walk. But how about playtime in a bouncy seat with an iPad and some cool apps?

Ahh, The First Year Of A Baby's Life -- Learning To Sit Up, Crawl, Even Walk.

LI people on the move! Promotions, new jobs

 15 of last year. And she said they made an innocent mistake. "It was a mistake that was done unintentionally because they weren't familiar with the Labor Department laws," Chan said.

2 Nassau sushi restaurants to pay $288G to settle wage charges

 Promotions, new jobs December 10, 2013 9:45 AM To let us know about promotions, new responsibilities or new jobs email information and color photos to, fax to 631-843-2065 or mail to People on the Move, 235 Pinelawn Rd., Melville, N.Y. 11747-4250.

New limits on high-risk trading by big banks

 On Wall Street the practice is called "window dressing." The Dow Jones industrial average fell 52.40 points to 15,973.13. The Standard & Poor's 500 index fell 0.32 percent to 1,802.62. The Nasdaq composite fell 0.20 percent to 4,060.49.

Stocks slip as 'quiet' trading season begins

 regulators have taken a major step toward reining in high-risk trading on Wall Street, banning the largest banks, in most cases, from trading for their own profit. It took three years to write and adopt the Volcker Rule, one of the most critical changes to financial laws in the wake of the 2008 banking crisis. The Federal Reserve, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency each voted Tuesday to adopt it. The final version of the Volcker Rule, named after Paul Volcker, a former Fed chairman who was an adviser to President Barack Obama during the financial crisis, is stricter than many had expected.

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